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Big Brother Canada 10 Premiere Recap – Who Will Pay The Ultimate Price?

The season started last night like no other show can. The opening reminded us of some of the most iconic moments over the past decade in Big Brother Canada history. “Does everybody want good tv, is that what they want?” As we’re reminded – that this is the greatest game on earth.

In the start of the episode we see, host and executive producer of BBCAN10 Arisa Cox come on stage where she starts introducing the houseguest’s in a group of 4.

The first four houseguest’s to move in in the Big Brother house were (Josh, Summer, Gino and Jacey-Lynn) where they quickly form an alliance called the Honey-Bunch.

The second set of houseguest’s (Tynesha, Jay, Kyle, Stephanie) where they quickly learned about the telephone placed inside the house, which is an easter-egg to the first season.

Third Set – (Betty, Kevin, Halenna, and Moose)

The last set to move inside the house (Jessica, Marty, Hermon and Melina).

Once all in in, they gather in the living-room where they get to know each other, also discussing their pronouns.

Arisa pops up the screen, and tells the houseguest’s their is a special swag provided by sponsor Winners. Once they are in the room the phone rings.

Big Brother instructs the first one to answer; Jay that he will be safe for the week.

The first HOH challenge begins, which is broken up in 3 parts where they drew chips to determine which challenge they participated in. The winner from each part will move on, and ultimately determine who wins the challenge with three huge curtains.

The HOH challenge was titled “Doors of Destiny” (Puzzle, Trivia, and Skill).

The first winner of the puzzle challenge was Hermon — Moose won the Trivia, and Josh won the Skill challenge.

Each houseguest (Hermon, Moose, Josh) had the opportunity to open a door to earn HOH for the week in true gameshow fashion. Jay and Josh both opened the doors which lead to safety for the week.

Hermon is crowned the first Head of Household of the season.

Make sure to keep locked here weekly for spoilers, and more. Big Brother Canada airs tonight for the first eviction show of the season tonight at 8PM ET on Global or ALSO available on StackTV thru Amazon Prime Video.

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