Big Brother The Game: Coming Back For Season 2 This Month

Banijay Brands today announces it will extend its deal with award-winning game development studio, 9th Impact, for the globally interactive Big Brother mobile game. 9th Impact has partnered with leading free-to-play games publisher, Tilting Point, for the upcoming launch of Big Brother: The Game Season 2.

Big Brother The Game which is available for download on PC’s and Android and Apple devices and saw a huge grand-prize for the winner at the end of the first season. The first season ran for whooping 288 days and ended with an American Amy from Delaware beating over 33,000 other participants, and walking away with over $33,000 USD

This season the prize will be a guaranteed $50,000 with a possible chance at 1 million dollars depending how many users sign up.

In Big Brother: The Game you can either choose to be an Housemate and Spectator.  The game is free to download, and the Spectator mode is free with optional purchases. To become a Housemate the player must use a Token to enter the House which is an in-app purchase or audition to get an existing Housemate to sponsor their Token entry. 

Finn Krewer, Head of Development at 9th Impact comments: “We have been building new house designs, new games and new mechanics like house juries, so I can’t wait for people to play on December 16 and hear what they think.”

The new season drops December 16th on your PC or mobile device

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