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Big Brother Canada Season 10 Casting Tips

The upcoming season of Big Brother Canada will mark it’s 10th season on air since it’s inception back in 2012 the reality show has been a beacon for hookups, alliances, and contestant drama. 

Big Brother Canada’s casting is an extensive process which lasts for a few months from the time it’s open (now) until casting is closed which this year it’s on Friday. November 19th.

Before you even begin filling out the casting application for BBCAN10, you should first see if you meet the eligibility requirements. You need to be at least 19, reside or be a Canadian citizen, and in excellent physical and mental health. If you get a call back from producers, you must be available to meet them at the required locations usually in Toronto and within the required dates.

Out of thousands of application casting will narrow their choices to create a pool of approximately sixty (60) finalists. 


  • Be Yourself – Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not the casting directors will notice pretty quickly aka Robyn Kass has cast 30 seasons prior to this (Big Brother Canada, Big Brother USA)
  • Talk about things you’re passionate about because your personality will really shine a lot more than if you’re talking about things you don’t really care about
  • Don’t compare yourself to another former Houseguest
  • Making a casting video is not about putting together the best skit or wearing the wackiest costumes.
  • When filming your video make sure you use good lighting in your background.
  • Make sure to speak clearly and loudly when recording your video so the casting producers can hear you.
  • Have fun
Casting tips from casting producer Robyn Kass (Credit: Youtube)

Applications for Big Brother Canada Season 10 can be filled out at

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