Big Brother Makes Official Comeback in Australia in 2020 With a Twist!

Big Brother is set to make a comeback in almost 6 six years in Australia, since it last aired back in 2014 after last airing on a different network

Heres what we know

  • New network (Channel 7)
  • Third network to air Big Brother in Australia (Twelfth series)
  • Will air in 2020
  • New house
  • New format (possibly the Canadian/American)
  • Will be Called Big Brother Revoultion

Rumors swirling around include;

  • The show will be Pre recorded months advance. TV blackbox has reported
  • Using the Canadian and American format which is hinted in the new promo that was shown during the Channel 7 upfront, which featured tons of clips from the Canadian and America format

What do you think?

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