Future Twists We Would Like To See Big Brother Canada Adobt

    Big Brother is a super brand has been produced in more than 70 countries around the world with over two billion viewers, and some of the most outeragous twists on the planet. 

    Big Brother Canada came along in 2013 and has quickly become a leader in the Big Brother world with some unique twists.

    Here are some twists we would like to see in upcoming seasons of Big Brother Canada


    Big Brother Housemate Swap

    Back in 2014 BBCAN introduced a wildcard twist; which feature 4 houseguests from Big Brother houses around the world competing for a shot inside the BBCAN house

    A housemate exchange or swap is typically two different houseguests from different countries will swap places for a short period of time.

    In 2002, the Mexican and Spanish editions (BBM1 and Gran Hermano) made temporary housemate exchanges. Mexico's Eduardo Orozco swapped with Spain's Andrés Barreiro for 7 days. In 2010, the first 2-housemate exchange was held by Spain and Italy (GH11 and GF10). Gerardo Prager and Saray Pereira from Spain were swapped with Carmela Gualtieri and Massimo Scattarella of Italy for 7 days.

    In previous years several housemate exchanges were done around the world

    Although Big Brother Canada is no stranger to international housemates, having two international housemates compete back in 2016, and Dan Gheesling from CBS Big Brother was inside the house for 24 hours back in season 1. Well Emmett Blois from season 1 of Big Brother Canada moved inside the Big Brother Mzansi in South Africa for a week back in 2014.



    Big Brother X-Factor Twist

    Back in Big Brother USA season 9 two exes Sharon and Jacob competed against each other

    Introduced in season Big Brother USA season 4 which featured 5 pairs of exes competing for the grand prize, and later in season 8 and 9


    Big Brother House Divide

    Big Brother UK 2017 featured a twist which saw a poor/rich bedroom design

    This concept has been used in multiple versions with the house literally being divided in two different sections. 

    Back in 2013 Big Brother Australia did the concept with the house being divided into a half-way house six houseguests moved into a separated with featured a barrier. Where they confined with only the basic necessities. 

    In Big Brother UK series 3 saw the house divided into 'Rich/Poor' for four weeks and on Season 4 of Big Brother in Germany.


    Big Brother Superpower

    Big Brother Canada is no stranger to adding game changing twists to the mix.

    In Big Brother Australia 2008 and again in 2012 Every week, one housemate is given the power of influence the outcome of nominations. However, each week the power changes from seeing the tallyboard to listening in on the actual nominations. This concept was later adopted in Big Brother Quebec;s only season of Big Brother, which is being revived in 2021 with a Celebrity version.


    Evil Big Brother

    Harsh punishments, stricter rules who wouldn't love this? In the fifth series of BBUK Big Brother was more strict in his enforcement of rules, and often punished with stricter tasks, and even taking away money from the prize fund. 

    This twist has been used in Australia, Finland, Greece, The Netherlands and other countries around the world.


    Big Brother All Stars

    With the recent American version Season 22 having an All Stars version which featured a house full of past houseguests we would like to see Big Brother explore this idea. Big Brother Canada is filled with some incredible all star players, although they sort of explored this idea back in season 5 which saw a divide of returnees and new players where we saw some incredible game play, and season 3 vet Kevin Martin won the season.

    This twist has been featured on several versions of Big Brother around the world including the USA, Bulgaria, Denmark with Belgium being the first country to do an All-Star series.

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    Future Twists We Would Like To See Big Brother Canada Adobt

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