First #BBCAN8 Teasers Released: Fans Begin Speculation

Big Brother Canada posted their on Instagram and Twitter accounts the first cryptic series of photos on social media on Thursday, but never elaborated further, leaving fans speculating.

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On Thursday BBCAN posted this photo on social media. Leaving some fans confused on what this seasons theme will be. source Instagram (BigBrotherCA)

Wild Theories Posted On Social Media Include;


Another a reddit user posted their theory anaylzing the photos released by BBCAN

The top left shows some kind of fabric… it looks kind of like a mop, doesn’t it? This implies that there will be players in BBCAN8 who will mop up the competition. This means that they’re really good at the game… or… experienced at the game.
The top right shows splattered paint, almost similar to a blood splatter. This implies that there will be extremely cutthroat players who are willing to get blood on their hands. But how would they know how the cast will play? Unless… they’ve already played before.
The bottom left shows some safety goggles. This implies that the players know what they’re doing. They take the proper precautions before getting to work. Almost like… they’ve done this before?
Finally, the bottom right shows a fan. A fan? Holy shit guys….

source (reddit)

Well no further information regarding the upcoming season of Big Brother Canada season 8 has been released. We should expect premiere date, and more information to come out soon!

Big Brother Canada season 8 will air in Spring 2020